Awarded the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval

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Urgent Nursing Resource, Inc.’s nursing pool are thoroughly screened and tested before they are referred and they are evaluated regularly.

Our staffing options include:

  1. Registered Nurses (RNs)
  2. Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVNs)
  3. Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs)
  4. Respiratory Therapists (RTs)

Our pool of nurses are highly qualified, responsible, motivated, friendly, caring and able to work well with minimum supervision.

We welcome and retain the best qualified nursing staff to consistently provide our clients with the finest nursing staff available.

We offer exceptional rates for RNs, LVNs and CNAs. Our extensive list of  clients allow us to provide our nursing staff with very flexible work shifts.  We provide our staff many opportunities for professional development.

Credential Management Process

  1. Current and valid California nursing license or certification/s
  2. Annual physical exam
  3. Annual negative PPD / Chest X-ray to be renewed every four years
  4. Verification of a titer
         a. Mumps titer
         b. Rubeola titer
         c. Rubella titer
         d. Varicella titer
  5. Hepatitis-B Consent / Declination Form
  6. Current BCLS Certification (through American Heart Association)
  7. IV Therapy Certification (for LVN’s)
  8. Specialty Exam Results, including test score(s)
  9. Completion of the JCAHO and OSHA Mandated Exams

Hospital Requirements

  1. Negative 7 year background check
  2. Negative 12 panel drug screen
  3. Complete application form
  4. Education
  5. Verification of Education, Experience and Employment
  6. Los Angeles County Mandated Fire Training Card (every four years), if required
  7. Skills Checklist and Job Description per specialty
  8. Two (2) references
  9. Advanced fetal  monitoring within 2 years, required for L&D
  10. ACLS as applicable
  11. NRP required if working in the NICU or L&D
  12. PALS required for PICU and for NICU as may be floated

Initial Requirements

  1. Valid drivers license (or any valid picture identification)
  2. W4
  3. Original I-9 with supporting documentation
  4. Copy of Social Security card (with Permanent Resident card or Work Authorization card, as applicable)

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